Ocular superglue injury: a case report and review of literature

Krisnhaliani Wetarini

Krisnhaliani Wetarini
Department of Medicine, Wangaya Public Hospital/Fa of Medicine, Udayana Unive Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Email:
Online First: July 10, 2020 | Cite this Article
Wetarini, K. 2020. Ocular superglue injury: a case report and review of literature. Bali Journal of Ophthalmology 4(1). DOI:10.15562/bjo.v4i1.52

Introduction: Cyanoacrylate (superglue) is a strong adhesive substance that is widely available in the commercial market. It is packaged with a small plastic packaging that resembles eye drops or ointments, so it frequently causes an inadvertent instillation resulting in ocular injury. 

Purpose: To present an inadvertent cyanoacrylate (superglue) adhesive instillation case causing an ocular injury with a comprehensive literatures review.

Case Presentation: A 69-year-old female patient mistakenly took the glue instead of an ophthalmic solution, causing a chemical conjunctivitis, eyelash clumping, and foreign body in her conjunctiva. The patient showed a pleasant treatment response following the foreign body removal and topical antibiotics-steroid administration. 

Conclusion: Ocular cyanoacrylate injury is still quite steadily to be found nowadays. Pediatrics and geriatrics being the most vulnerable population in experiencing the injury. A strict supervision and prevention should be encouraged to avoid the recurrence of the events in the future.

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